Smart Substation products
KEDY-5000 intelligent integrated power system adopts hierarchical distributed architecture, providing power to system-wide AC power station, DC power systems, UPS power systems, communication systems.

KEDY-5000 intelligent integrated power system is suitable for 10kV ~ 1000kV voltage substations, power plants, power distribution room and industrial and mining enterprises, railway communications and other places.
It applies to 110Kv and below voltage substation intelligent system.

Achieving unified access the entire station information, unified storage and unified display by optimizing the system integration.

Integrating the protection and monitoring devices in the line chamber and bus chamber.
Advanced microelectronics technology, embedded software technology.

Data acquisition of up to 256 multi-function meter, through the PSTN, DDN, ISDN, microwave, power line carrier and optical fiber.
A data acquisition and control layer to support multiple Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 standard communication interface, etc..

Used for intelligent and traditional substations, achieving data exchange between grid scheduling system and protection devices.
Suitable for 110kV and below voltage substation, switching station, power distribution room.

Implementation for protection of transformers, motors, generators, lines, capacitors, reactors, PT etc..

Measurement and control functions.