Smart Switch Gears
Withdrawable switchgear apparatus standard module assembly factory in line with IEC60439-1, GB7251.1, JB / T9661 and other low-voltage electrical standards.

Suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage ≤660V, below the rated current of 4000A power supply system, as power distribution, conversion, control and reactive power compensation.

Skeleton and internal mounting can be aluminum zinc coated steel plate processing; advanced technology products.

Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, municipal construction, construction.
Outdoor smart ring counter, also known as outdoor switch.

It is a high-voltage power separately to the surrounding several power units supply power facilities.
Widely used in urban distribution network transformation and harsh environment industrial and mining enterprises.

Meet the requirements of the State Grid Corporation and its future trends.

Isolation fracture before and after the main switch on the direct visualization of the insulation barrel to meet the operational safety.

The use of flexible bus avoids the stress connected to the installation process, ensuring greater insulation performance.
Environmentally friendly air-insulated metal-enclosed AC RMU.

Uses dried air as the insulating medium, no environmental pollution, comply with environmental regulations and policy requirements of the country.
Modular in design, with a compact, safe, reliable, long life, maintenance-free characteristics.

It uses SF6 gas as the insulating medium can be used as closing and breaking load current and overload current purposes.

Inlet and outlet cable with full insulation, sealed, touch connections to ensure maximum operational safety.

It can be equipped with intelligent protection, communications module, background monitoring.

Widely used in power distribution stations and box-type substation in urban residential area, large public buildings, factories and enterprises and other load centers.
Metal closed box-type structure.

Mechanical interlock five anti-lock simple and effective procedures to achieve the five anti-requirements.

Small size, easy maintenance, can be effective saving space.
It has metal closed box-type structure, iron welded frame cabinet.

The cabinet is divided into circuit breaker room, bus room, instrument room, cable room.

Breaker room with relief channels, can achieve double-sided maintenance because of big maintenance space.

Mechanical interlock devices guarantee the five prevention requirements.
Applies to 12KV three-phase AC 50HZ indoor complete distribution system for receiving and distributing power, and the circuit control, protection and monitoring.

Switchgear meet GB3096 GB / T11022 national standards also comply with international standards IEC60694.
Inherits all the features of KYN28A-12.

Smaller, reflecting its compact and practical features.

Circuit breakers designed with solid pole, making the insulation performance more perfect.
High mechanical strength and oxidation resistance: aluminum zinc coated steel plate.

High degree of protection IP4X.

Safety factor cabinet: built with safe and reliable interlock device, fully meet the five anti-requirements, the main circuit has a separate indoor relief channel.

High precision: CNC machining, handcart interchangeability.
Assembled cabinet structure, the material is deposited aluminum zinc plate.

Breaker interchangeability.

Cabinet equipped with safe and reliable interlock.

Fully meet the five prevention requirements.

A separate relief channel in the main circuit chamber.

Enough space for multiple cables in cable chamber.